Can You Play Free Bingo Online?

Can You Play Free Bingo Online?


If we are to give you a short answer to the question from the title, it would definitely be – yes. Yes, you can play free bingo online. However, the phrase ‘free bingo online’ can have few various meanings, so let’s see what it means to play bingo online for free and how can you do that.

Yes, it may sound a bit counterintuitive at first, but there are few different ways in which you can play a free online bingo game. These are just variants, the important thing is that you won’t have to pay for a game of bingo.


Welcome Offer

When you register with a new bingo site you will be offered a Welcome Package which includes free bingo tickets. The welcome package may vary depending on the bingo site in question, but all reliable sites offer such packages, so no matter which of our partner sites you choose, you will get to play free bingo.

The free bingo games that you get can be expressed as tickets, or as funds, or both. So, if the offer states that you get £30 or 60 tickets, that means that you would get 60 tickets each worth 50p. These tickets can be for a standard game where other players also participate, but you can also get a chance to play bingo in an exclusive invite-only room. Either way, you will be playing for free.

The prizes in free bingo rooms usually aren’t as high as the prizes in regular bingo rooms where players have to purchase their tickets, but they aren’t too low either. Still, you do get a chance to win something without having to buy a ticket, even if the ticket is only awarded to players who make a deposit first.


Free Bingo Rooms

In addition to tickets awarded to new players, as part of the Welcome Package, bingo sites also award bingo tickets to regular players, either as part of their loyalty programme, or a special standalone offers where free tickets are awarded.

These offers function much like the welcome package offers with one notable difference – namely, they aren’t only limited to new players, these are available to all players.

In addition to offers, bingo often provide free bingo rooms, where all bingo games are free for all players. There are usually specific rules regarding which players can participate and how many tickets can be awarded to a single player.

The prizes that can be won in these free bingo rooms, are more or less symbolic, but still, you have a chance to get something from a game for which you didn’t have to purchase a ticket, it is still quite alright.

Many bingo sites provide more than one free room and sometimes the amount that you can win in different free rooms, depends on the amount that you have wagered over the course of the last month or another specified period.

Great Practice

There’s another great benefit of free bingo. Not only do you get a chance to win something without having to buy a ticket, but you can also learn how to play bingo without having to spend a penny. Not that it is difficult to learn how to play bingo, but still, free online bingo is great practice for those who haven’t played bingo before.



Online Bingo Vs Land-Based Bingo Halls

Bingo is a social activity. Many would argue that one of the key reasons for its popularity is the game’s social nature. And they would be completely right. For decades people in the UK have been gathering in their local bingo halls throughout the country to play bingo. Online bingo appeared at the dawn of the new century and there were only about 20 bingo sites in 2004. Many assumed that online bingo sites will never replace the good old bingo halls, but boy were they wrong! While it is undoubtedly true that the social element of bingo is vital, it is also true that this moment can be captured online as well. New technology allows people to communicate in new and different ways and it has changed the way in which we communicate, but it has also influenced games and gaming. A lot of traditional games are now played online, and bingo is certainly one of them.

90-Ball Vs 75-Ball Bingo

In the past, the term bingo in the UK was synonymous with the 90-Ball version of the game. In fact, when someone said bingo few decades ago, everybody automatically assumed that they’re talking of the 90-Ball bingo. 75-Ball bingo is the variant that is dominant in the United States. However, soon after the first online bingo sites were launched, American bingo gained popularity in the UK. 90-Ball bingo was still the preferred option for most players, but those who wanted to experience something new had the chance to play 75-Ball bingo as well. One of the biggest advantages of online bingo, as opposed to bingo played at land-based halls, is the fact that online bingo sites can host multiple variants of 90-Ball bingo, 75-Ball bingo and even other bingo games. On the other hand, bingo sites can only host as many games as there are rooms. Not only did online bingo sites make possible for US players to play 90-Ball bingo and UK players to play 75-Ball bingo, but also other completely new and exciting types of bingo like 30-Ball bingo, 80-Ball bingo, as well as exclusive, proprietary games.